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High Heels [06 Apr 2004|08:11pm]
For some reason I haven't been here in ages. Um… here's an age old article I wrote way back when I couldn't write articles very well… but maybe it has something interesting for some of you.

High heels, or stiletto heels as they are often referred to, are considered by many to be a key component to SM/BD/Fetish scenes (often without conscious realization.) They amplify the feminine aspect of an individual, and transform the physical and mental attributes of the wearer. Stilettos, much like the corset (see my article in Secret Issue #12), are highly versatile in that they can be worn by both Dominants and submissives -- men as well as women. Stilettos can be a prime focal point in a scene or they can be a functional attribute -- and anything in between. All serious scene players will sooner or later succumb to the lure of these erotic high heels. Some will desire to feel the magnificent power in strutting around a dungeon, towering above their subs, while some will desire to be literally underfoot of these high heels and pay them proper homage. Regardless of the desire, high heels are sometimes an overlooked accoutrement -- but usually not for long.

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Hmmm... [07 Apr 2004|12:10am]

[ mood | bored ]

Just thinking...this is a REALLY quiet community...

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Hey! [17 Mar 2004|02:35am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi :-)
I've just joined the community cos I love the film, 'The Story of O'.

Saw the post about corsets, and im getting my first one in just over a month...can't wait.

Anyway, hope everyone is well.


[17 Feb 2004|04:44pm]

At_Hogwarts is a new game out there for serious, dedicated role players! (Since there are so many communities and personal journals, the best way to play is off the Moderators' friends list.)

It's a slash-friendly (but NOT all-slash) game set during the trio's 7th year at Hogwarts. Backstory can be found here.

The information (rules, characters wanted, and how to apply) are linked on the userinfo page for one of the communities: at_hogwarts, at_hogsmeade, at_diagon_alley, at_owlsandnews, or on the maintainer's info page at_mods.

We only have a couple of characters signed up, so please come and play!

The Game will start soon! Check us out!


-New Role Play!- "At_Hogwarts" [25 Nov 2003|11:51am]

Here's a sample of what we do. Granted, that's not the ONLY thing we do... but it's what we can do...

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[29 Oct 2003|03:51pm]

I've been thinking for a while about having a genital piercing done. After some research, I have narrowed my preferences down to a vertical clitoral hood piercing and an uncommon one called a 'triangle.'

I'd like to hear from anyone here who knows about having such bodywork.

-New Role Play!- "At_Hogwarts" [20 Oct 2003|02:52pm]

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A little something for Roissy [26 Aug 2003|10:42pm]
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Corsetry [16 Jul 2003|04:42pm]
Corsets are a versatile device -- neither indicative of a Top or bottom. Corsets are highly erotic for both the wearer and the observer -- perfect for the exhibitionist and voyeur alike. While a corset confines and restricts the movement of the individual wearing the device, it also improves posture and forces a prideful stance. For these reasons, and many more about to be explained, the corset is perhaps one of the most erotic inventions of the 19th century. For a seemingly repressed high society genre, perhaps the corset was invented simply to stir the blood, vex the emotions and titillate the men and women of the day. [ed note: one form or another of the corset has been used historically by many societies dating back thousands of years. These "corsets" were used primarily for body modification -- a practice indulged in by mankind since the early days of its existence.]

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Lit Rec [11 Jul 2003|07:27am]
Once upon in a time in another life I was an erotica book reviewer for a magazine. I read tonnes of stuff -- mostly bad, but this pair of books always stuck out in my mind. Lo and behold, it's still being published (which is a rarity in the erotica publishing world unless the author is majorly well known and the book has become a classic).


The pair are:

The Architecture of Desire
Sleeping Palace

My official review is long gone (not saved electronically), but I will say that it left an impression and therefore must not be too terrible. I remember feeling as though the author, M. Orlando, was quite unlike other erotica authors.

Hope it was okay to post this rec to this community. If not, tell me, and I'll go beat myself. ;-)

Sensuality of Death [10 Jul 2003|09:52pm]
Note: This piece was written 15 years ago and startles me with respect to my own verbosity, poor grammar and abuse of punctuation for which I will submit myself to the lash for. Please forgive. I also see how I painfully tried to compact concepts where perhaps I should have provided more detail. I also realise this would be a lovely premise for a little booklet (any one wish to scribe such a treatise?).

PS: Squee -- my first post to this community. Thank you for creating this lovely place... it's so comfortable.

The allure of death is a very powerful and compelling force that sooner or later takes hold of the majority of cognizant individuals populating this planet. The state of death itself is not erotic (ceasing to exist in this particular life will not lead to further sexual titillation), however, the illusion of death or the possibility of dying (or, rather, the extremity of play) during the course of sexual intimacy is a most sought after experience -- and one to be cherished if ever properly (ie. with appropriate safeguards) achieved.

Eroticized death has been sensationalized in film and literature since time immemorial. The Vampire has been one of the most common vehicles for expressing the human desire to experience a sensual death. Yes, there is the attraction to immortality which vampirism can provide, but this is not usually what is foremost in the minds of willing Vampire victims. The Vampire is itself a metaphor for death -- dark, mysterious, forbidden, unknowing. As many individuals are curious to seek what lies in and beyond death, they are so drawn to the Vampire for the same purpose. Submitting to the Vampire is submitting to death -- the ultimate submission of all. The deathly kiss of a Vampire holds answers and provides an experience that can only be acquired once in a life time -- much like death.

For the moment, sensuality aside, the possibility of facing death can have quite the dramatic effect upon the psyche of a person. If the individual in question does not succumb to paralysis brought about by fear, there are two pathways open -- embrace or challenge the experience. Embracing death is not necessarily giving up -- it is accepting that fate and surrendering to a new experience (and, in most cases, a final experience -- for this life time.) This could perhaps be envisioned as the supreme experience in submission. Challenging death expends energy and pushes adrenaline through the body as the fight for life ensues. Life, in the shadow of death, is a very celebratory experience and elicits a most profound result upon the individual. Either way, submitting to or dominating death, the body, mind and soul are thrust into a heightened state of awareness unequalled by many other life experiences. This is not to say that one must become a thrill seeker and challenge the Grim Reaper to indulge in this exploration. This is also not so say that every near death experience is a sensual one. What is to be explored within the confines of this article, is the fantasy of death -- not the reality!

The similarity is found in pushing oneself to limitations and then just a tiny bit further -- this is often conceived of as a mentally life threatening experience. If a submissive has a willing and trustworthy Top, the sub may desire to be whipped beyond the usual boundaries. A good Top will even sense this from the sub. If such is the scenario, the sub's mental and physical attributes should be challenged most thoroughly. A sub may feel as though they are about to die -- a solid and thorough half hour of whipping -- and cannot take much more. Their breath is short, their mind has reached a state where they are alone and isolated with their joyous pain and their heart feels as though it will explode in their chest (not to mention their engorged and tantalized genitalia.) The whip continues to play at their body, striking welts that are already present, perhaps even eliciting some blood. Every additional stroke of the whip sends their mind and body beyond its comfortable state -- they are thrust into the unknown -- a place where they have never been before -- a new arousal awakens and fills the sub and they may feel as though death is imminent. At this point, the whipping could continue more or cease. Upon completion, the sub will feel "reborn" as they had transcended their previous tolerance and entered a different realm of sexual arousal. While death would never be the result of a sound whipping, creating the sensation of impending death is a skill that can be attained. The sub would afterwards be eternally grateful to such a master of the whip.

The above example can be utilized for almost any type of play. However, be warned, this is to be explored by experienced (VERY experienced) Tops only. Permanent physical harm does happen. Death can happen (usually during solo play.) While safe words are utilized to prevent mental and physical harm from occurring to a sub, in the above exorcise, safe words are best abandoned. It is vitally important that Top and sub know one another well, are consenting, not influenced by drugs or alcohol and have extensively discussed the desire to venture into the above type of scene. And ALWAYS have a full medical kit on hand (the best Tops are also the one's who have taken some formal training in basic medical care.)

As death is a transformation of the soul, a death like experience can transform the mind and body on a very sensual level. Entering unknown realms of pain and suffering, feeling the threat of an end to all, causes one to worship life with a new found vigour as the suffering ceases to be. The celebration of life after the threat of death is a most sensual experience to be sure.

Copyright © 1988 Xandria, originally published in "Redemption"
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[10 Jul 2003|07:45pm]

Welcome to Roissy. <3 I'm the founder and maintainer of this community. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome.
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