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Corsets are a versatile device -- neither indicative of a Top or bottom. Corsets are highly erotic for both the wearer and the observer -- perfect for the exhibitionist and voyeur alike. While a corset confines and restricts the movement of the individual wearing the device, it also improves posture and forces a prideful stance. For these reasons, and many more about to be explained, the corset is perhaps one of the most erotic inventions of the 19th century. For a seemingly repressed high society genre, perhaps the corset was invented simply to stir the blood, vex the emotions and titillate the men and women of the day. [ed note: one form or another of the corset has been used historically by many societies dating back thousands of years. These "corsets" were used primarily for body modification -- a practice indulged in by mankind since the early days of its existence.]

A Dom in a corset:

The classic hourglass figure (or sometimes referred to as a wasp figure) has long been thought of as the penultimate of figures and most sought after in attaining. It has been, and still is, viewed as physical perfection. The dominant female encased in a corset (usually leather is the material of choice for a Dom) is a vision to behold -- powerful, authoritative, perfect in demeanour and stimulating to gaze upon. The image to a sub should instil a desire to worship and obey every command uttered from the lips of a corsetted woman.

For the powerful female, donning a corset is akin to donning armour. The corset separates her from the rest of the world and especially her subs. The corsetted Dom is meant to be an isolated figure -- venerated and high above every one and every thing surrounding her (she is the central focus.) The correction of her posture enhances the feeling of pride and empowers her with the authority due her station. The inhibiting qualities of the corset cause her to move more slowly and gracefully -- a very teasing ploy for any sub to witness.

A sub in a corset:

A sub is subjected to a corset as a means of confining and/or training. They will be laced very tightly -- to the point of discomfort but not damaging. Tight lacing will induce a feeling of euphoria, as they discover the difficulties in breathing when embraced by such an apparatus. This euphoria will lend to any tasks the sub is subjected to and enhance both emotional and physical activities.

Male subs are often laced in a corset for the purpose feminization. The corset forces the male's body to take on a feminine figure, and at the same time inhibits movement, forcing the sub to move slowly and as gracefully (perhaps not at first, but eventually) as possible. The feminization of a male with a corset is further embellished through the employ of high heels.

Female subs are laced very tightly to reduce movement and induce euphoria. Once again, the euphoric sensations experienced by a sub are a "natural high" and quite safe (unlike drugs.) Extreme euphoria diminishes free thought and increases the power of suggestion, and consequently can be used to the Top's advantage during play. Corsets and waist cinchers laced tightly will prominently display a female sub's breasts -- if naked, this may effect a feeling of shame and humiliation in the sub from being exposed in this manner. Full time subs/slaves may be required by their Masters/Mistresses to undergo formal corset training. This involves the full time application of a corset and rigorous training.

Corset Training:

True corset training, if at all possible, should be begun as early in life as possible. Once an individual has surpassed their teen years, their bodies become more reluctant to change than when they were teens or even younger. As one does not usually discover their interest in corsetry until later in life, a time when their body has "settled," it will merely take a little longer to obtain the desired results. It is not impossible for a 30 year old to see results from rigid corset training -- besides, the long, suffering, agony can be quite delicious! The truth is, however, there should be no agony in full time corset training. The most important aspects to corset training are: diet, exercise and the right corset.

As one will be diminishing their waist and shifting their organs (NOT bending or cracking their lower ribs!), it is desirable to assist the process as best as possible with diet. Low fat, high fibre diets are a must. Do not deprive yourself of energy giving nutrients, either. Lots of water, fruits and vegetables are a must. Body fat does take up a surprising amount of space within the body, therefore, a regular regimen of exercise is required to not only reduce the fat content, but strengthen the muscles. The muscles of the back and abdomen will endure some strain during corset training, and by strengthening them, one assists their body in acclimatizing to their new shape. A corset should be made for each individual specifically. Some individuals are lucky enough to be very comfortable and receive excellent results with a corset purchased off the shelf at a fetish shop, however, for the purposes of full time training, a properly fitted corset by a true designer will be more beneficial.

The first corset should be 4" less than the individual's waist at a closed position. It must be realized that the corset must be worn at all times during all hours of the day (except during showering or bathing -- never should the wearer be without the corset for more than one hour.) Because of this, the skin will need to be moisturized often (cocoa butter or lubiderm are excellent) and then powdered with talc. After the aforesaid ritual, it is best to slip a spandex material tube over the waist between one's skin surface and the corset -- this will prevent pinching and increase the life span of the corset. Drinking a great deal of water cannot be stressed enough as water vitalizes the skin and softens it greatly.

For true training, the reduction of the waist with a properly fitted corset will be gradual. There is no need to rush and it is imperative that the wearer be comfortable (yet restricted to a degree.) Understand that the 4" cannot be reduced immediately -- 2" is the norm and should remain this way for a few days or weeks. Once the body has become accustomed to the corset, the laces should be tightened gradually over time (this could be several months.) Once one has reduced their waist by 4", another corset, allowing a further 4" reduction, should be purchased. One cannot expect to see as quick results with the next 4" as one did with the previous 4" -- very gradual reduction over a longer time period can be expected. It may be in the individual's best interest to sleep in their first corset and wear their second corset during wakeful hours. It is imperative that one be comfortable and the corset fit snugly -- if there is pain, one may be either moving too quickly or the corset was not constructed properly by the manufacturer.

There is much joy in watching the body transform due to laborious work and a rigid regimen. The smallest waist size achievable for the average 36" busted woman is 18" -- the 'norm' being about 22". There is no strict formula or ultimate size to strive for. Everyone's body is different and should be revered, honoured and listened to. Persistence, diligence and patience will achieve results in tight lacing.

Personal Experience:

For myself, donning my gear is a ritual that fills me with a joy and exuberance virtually unparalleled. From sliding into my latex stockings, to painting my face and completing my ensemble with my obligatory waist cincher. Every stage holds significance and meaning. Nothing thrills my blood more in this ritual than being laced into my cincher.
There are four clips at the front which I close. I stand ramrod straight with my hands on my hips and legs slightly astride. My partner, Dean, stands behind me and firmly begins to pull on the laces -- he works diligently from bottom to centre and then top to centre. All the while I take care not to breathe heavily in or out and maintain my straight posture. Feeling the material close and tighten around my body is ineffable and akin to an orgasm itself -- the tighter the better. Then, seeing the final product in a full length mirror, my already narrow waist now very tiny and my bust and hips appearing ever more prominent. I breathe in and then out, slowly, deliciously aware of my restricted lung capacity -- this also thrills me to the very core.

The cincher is my private shield from the world around me and also inspires me to feel even more sensual. With my back perfectly straight and my chest thrust forward, confidence entwines itself around my mind and soul. I venture forth into the night (and sometimes the day) feeling very sensual indeed. As I move, walk, sit or stand, I am constantly reminded of my armour, my second skin, tightly hugging my frame. The corset is not cumbersome, nor is it a hindrance -- it is a wonderful enhancement to my physical, mental and psychical essence. I enjoy the slight euphoria, and would like to experiment with tighter corset lacing in the future (at the moment, I haven't another cincher.)

The penultimate of all experiences occurs after an evening's soiree, with Dean. When it comes to actual sexual intercourse, there is no orgasm compared to one experienced whilst wearing my cincher (stiletto heels are the icing on the cake, so to speak.) The cincher tightens, restricts and intensifies all physical movement. The euphoric feeling is also enhanced during intercourse, resulting in a very powerful series of orgasms. Certain positions even further enhance the sensitivity.

There is a duality in this activity that reaches into both the mental and physical. My movements are very restricted whilst making love with my life partner, thus placing me in a position of benign servitude. However, the activity is dominating as it also places Dean in a position of active servitude as he must endure all the work necessary to pleasure us both. In essence, we are both slaves to the corset -- such wicked delights to be in service to such a wondrous sculpting object!

From start to end, the ritual of Corsetry is one of the highlights of my fetishistic indulgences. I often wish I had been one of those tightly laced courtisans from the 19th Century -- perhaps I was! Such delicious thoughts!!

Copyright © 1995 Xandria, originally published in "SECRET"

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