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High Heels

For some reason I haven't been here in ages. Um… here's an age old article I wrote way back when I couldn't write articles very well… but maybe it has something interesting for some of you.

High heels, or stiletto heels as they are often referred to, are considered by many to be a key component to SM/BD/Fetish scenes (often without conscious realization.) They amplify the feminine aspect of an individual, and transform the physical and mental attributes of the wearer. Stilettos, much like the corset (see my article in Secret Issue #12), are highly versatile in that they can be worn by both Dominants and submissives -- men as well as women. Stilettos can be a prime focal point in a scene or they can be a functional attribute -- and anything in between. All serious scene players will sooner or later succumb to the lure of these erotic high heels. Some will desire to feel the magnificent power in strutting around a dungeon, towering above their subs, while some will desire to be literally underfoot of these high heels and pay them proper homage. Regardless of the desire, high heels are sometimes an overlooked accoutrement -- but usually not for long.

A Dominant wearing High heels:

Most Dominants wear high heels, usually as a knee high or thigh high boot. Stiletto boots are perfect dungeon wear and the more exotic, the better. Not to say that stiletto boots have become common place, but there does appear to be a surplus of the standard black patent leather lace up the front style. For a unique and individualistic Dom to command the attention She greatly deserves, stiletto boots equally as unique (adorned with buckles, straps etc.) are recommended. Boudoir stilettos are often seen in the form of sandals, ankle boots, open toe or regular shoe style. As with boots, there are numerous styles, colours and materials from which the Dom can choose to best match Her personality and the desired effect She wishes to create. Club wear seems to be a near equal mix of boots and shoes, however, this is not to say that shoes are limited to the boudoir and boots to the dungeon -- it's whatever Mistress desires!

The strapping on of the boots or shoes is an empowering experience for the Dominant. Heels are often the final addition to a Dom's gear and thusly the final exertion of preparatory energy by a Dom. The outfit completed, standing tall, the Dom is now fully in role. Gearing up can be a private experience for the Dom, hence S/He may wish to dress without assistance. However, there are those who demand and incorporate Their "dressing" in a scene with a sub. Having a sub lace/zip up the stilettos is arousing for both and often teases the sub to no end. Many wicked little games can be devised for this type of scene!

The type of high heel worn is dependent entirely upon its wearer, Her personality, Her desires and Her image. 3" (Three) to 5 1/2" (Five and a half inch) heels are ideal working heels. They are enjoyable to strut, dance, trample and indulge in lengthy scenes with. High heels greater than 5 1/2" (Five and a half inches) are a magnificent posing size and if possible, the Dom can train Herself to be quite comfortable in them for lengthy periods of time.

High heels add considerable height to a Dom, augmenting the illusion that She is unobtainable by Her submissive, thereby cementing her role as superior. Heels create a more menacing and powerful image, enhancing Her personae. Some Doms wear high heels out of instinct (not fetishistic desire), not realizing until later, perhaps, how the high heels have transformed Her. Subconsciously, She takes on an even more authoritative air and exudes sexuality, sensuality and dominance than if she were not wearing heels. For Doms who have a high heel fetish, They revel in the empowerment and truly understand the effect that high heels have on others. These Doms truly "work" Their heels, and the stilettos therefore become an extension of Themselves -- truly commanding, dictating, imposing fear and awe.

High heels worn by a Dom create a more languid and erotic image as movements tend to be more graceful (due to the great care taken while walking.) Skin tight, thigh hugging boots give rise to a more "commanding" image than shoes, as they stretch up the Dom's legs, encasing her calves and thighs, shielding them from the view of others. The Dom's legs thus become less attainable to the submissive and elevates Her position of power further than if She were wearing shoe style high heels. However, a very exotic affect can be achieved by wearing black patent ankle boots and well polished black latex stockings -- an illusion is generated whereby the viewer perceives the ankle boots and stockings as one garment (very delicious indeed!) In addition to the "look", and on a practical note, boots offer more support than shoes -- however, when purchasing, each individual is different and s/he must find the fit and style that suits her/him the best.

A submissive wearing high heels:

As powerful as high heels are, they can be used as a tool to control a submissive. A sub not accustomed to the height of stilettos will find them quite confining and limiting, heightening the sensation of helplessness, resulting in feeling quite bound during a scene. Placing high heels, preferably in a shoe style as they have less support (as mentioned above), on a sub can be performed as an act of bondage itself. The difficulty in performing her/his regular duties is amplified while wearing stilettos. Household chores and other laborious tasks may become physically more painful or take a longer time to complete than if the sub were not restricted by high heels. While yielding to her/his high heels, the sub is prone to accidents and/or is susceptible to inept servitude. The pain of the heels upon the feet and legs might be distracting to the sub. Focus and dedication to a specific duty might be subverted by the submissive in order to maintain balance or to walk properly to and fro. This pain, and this displacement of attention can cause the sub to err in a task or cause an accident, thereby placing themselves in a position to be reprimanded -- surely the goal of any loving Dominant!

A Dom may also see fit to place Her/His submissive in heels as a form of punishment. This leaves the submissive open to the possibility of erring again and being admonished further. If the sub committed an infraction due to her/his high heels, the Dom would likely have the submissive wear those heels more often -- that is, until the sub became more proficient in routine tasks and no longer be distracted by the heels. Some Doms will place high heels on their submissives in the hopes that they blunder or fail in a task for the express purpose of requiring a reason to inflict discipline. The extremity of the chastisement, is of course, entirely dependent upon the relationship between the Dom and sub.

And for those subs who are accustomed to a certain height of heels, the Dom can have the sub wear even higher heeled stilettos, challenging the most adept wearer. If further difficulty for the sub is desired by the Dominant, ankle restraints placed on the high heeled submissive, connected by a short chain should serve the purpose.

Heel and Footwear Fetish:

Aside from visual superiority, a Dominant wearing high heels is the dream of every foot and boot/shoe fetishist. The submissive's interests may include worshipping the "stiletto'd" feet of a Dominant with hands and mouth. The most servile foot fetish submissive will do almost anything to worship a Dom's high heeled footwear properly -- that is, with a good cleaning, incorporating mouth and tongue. subs be warned -- a Dom will not tolerate a messy job involving copious quantities of saliva during a boot/shoe cleaning. It is far better to use long strong strokes of the tongue -- however, ever remember the Dom is in command and stilettos should be cleaned as the Dom wishes. Through this type of cleaning, a sub is expressing complete servitude and reverence -- all the while being physically close to the Dom. This closeness is important in all scene activity and it is felt that the more physical contact there is between the Dom and sub, the more satisfying the scene is for both parties involved. Consequently, a shoe/boot cleaning is often viewed as a reward to the submissive by the Dom.

Another common desire of the foot and boot fetishist is to be "caressed" and stepped on with stilettos -- trampling and crushing scenes are a great turn on for these individuals. This is often a very intense experience for the submissive, and a sought after fantasy by some subs. These subs desire to be punished and more firmly "feel" the power of her/his Dom. A note to novice Doms in this area of domination, be careful and watch your strength, as stiletto heels can pierce skin (and vital organs) quite easily. On the other hand, a hygienically prepared stiletto heel (cleaned well with alcohol) can be utilized quite beautifully for blood sports. While the idea is to subjugate and administer a certain amount of pain, slashing the skin and causing serious harm is not a recommended result and will send most subs screaming out of the dungeon. While high heels are noted for their feminization, the heel itself is often viewed as a phallic. An ultimate act of humiliation for many male slaves is to be forced to worship (via sucking and licking) the phallic heel itself. To be anally penetrated by the heel is the penultimate humiliation. There are both fiction and non fiction stories wherein a submissive will take high heels in the rectum. The danger of this activity cannot be stressed enough. Regardless of what is read elsewhere, inserting anything other than smooth objects in the rectum is dangerous and could cause serious problems. However, some manufacturer have solved this problem by creating a special type of heel that is safe for anal penetration.

There is no great mystery as to what breeds a foot/shoe/boot fetishist (be they Dominant or submissive.) A fascination with high heels is usually evoked at an early age, triggered by a family member or frequent visitor who wears high heels and has thusly become a source of enchantment to the young fetishist. As stated earlier, high heels amplify femininity and this may be seen by a young girl as a means to attain that mysterious "womanhood" long sought after by her. A young boy who feels a stronger pull towards the female side of his identity will certainly indulge in "trying on his mother's high heeled shoes" in order to access his feminine aspect more fully. No matter the cause or reason, the foot/shoe/boot fetishist is born young and may not emerge until later in life -- it is important not to discount this desire, but explore it with other like minded individuals.


Care taken in purchasing high heels is very important. Comfort is paramount and as stated earlier, the style and type of high heel purchased must reflect the personae and intended use of its wearer. In order to achieve complete comfort for prolonged wearing sessions, it is vital that the heels are worn every day (or at least every other day) for as long as possible. The wearer may only be able to tolerate fifteen minutes or a half hour in the beginning, however, persistence is quickly rewarded and before long, the wearer should be able to enjoy several hours of high heel strutting.

While high heels are not a mandatory requirement, they do add to one's ensemble visually. In addition, they also affect the psyche quite dramatically, depending on the manner in which they are utilized. Dom or sub, female or male, at least one pair of stilettos should be had on hand -- and men wonder why women purchase footwear as extensively as they do undergarments!

Copyright © 1995 Xandria, originally published in "SECRET"
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